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OCIS Version 2007
Optics Classification and Indexing Scheme (OCIS 2007)
The Optics Classification and Indexing Scheme (OCIS) provides a flexible, comprehensive classification system for all optical author input and user retrieval needs. OCIS has a two-level hierarchical structure containing 36 main headers and approximately 1100 subcategories.
OSA authors, presenters, and reviewers use OCIS to classify and index journal articles, meeting abstracts and presentations, and areas of research interest and expertise.
Suggestions for changes or additions can be sent to OCIS@osa.org.

 000.0000  General 
 010.0010  Atmospheric and oceanic optics 
 020.0020  Atomic and molecular physics 
 030.0030  Coherence and statistical optics 
 040.0040  Detectors 
 050.0050  Diffraction and gratings 
 060.0060  Fiber optics and optical communications 
 070.0070  Fourier optics and signal processing 
 080.0080  Geometric optics 
 090.0090  Holography 
 100.0100  Image processing 
 110.0110  Imaging systems 
 120.0120  Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology 
 130.0130  Integrated optics 
 140.0140  Lasers and laser optics 
 150.0150  Machine vision 
 160.0160  Materials 
 170.0170  Medical optics and biotechnology 
 180.0180  Microscopy 
 190.0190  Nonlinear optics 
 200.0200  Optics in computing 
 210.0210  Optical data storage 
 220.0220  Optical design and fabrication 
 230.0230  Optical devices 
 240.0240  Optics at surfaces 
 250.0250  Optoelectronics 
 260.0260  Physical optics 
 270.0270  Quantum optics 
 280.0280  Remote sensing and sensors 
 290.0290  Scattering 
 300.0300  Spectroscopy 
 310.0310  Thin films 
 320.0320  Ultrafast optics 
 330.0330  Vision, color, and visual optics 
 340.0340  X-ray optics 
 350.0350  Other areas of optics