Chinese Optics Letters
Chinese Optics Letters
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Chinese Optics Letters(中国光学快报)是由中国光学学会主办,中国科学院上海光学精密机械研究所承办,科学出版社出版,美国光学学会全球发行的国际性英文版学术期刊。其宗旨是以最快速度全方位报道国内外光学领域中的最新理论研究、科技成果和创新技术。 Chinese Opt...详细信息

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创办日期: 2003年 . 月刊
主管单位: 中国科学院
主办单位: 中国光学学会
承办单位 中国科学院上海光学精密机械研究所
主编: 徐至展
国内统一刊号: CN 31-1890/O3
国内邮发代号: 4-644
ISSN: 1671-7694
联系电话: 021-69918198
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 Quantum spectra and classical periodic orbit in the cubic billiard(2006年第6期)
 Research in absolute calibration of single photon detectors by means of correlated photons(2006年第6期)
 High-order soliton generation in dispersion flattened fiber(2006年第6期)
 Evaluation of absolute phase for 3D profile measurement using fringe projection(2006年第6期)
 Research on wavefront error of prism induced by thermoelastic distortion(2006年第6期)
 Approximate formulas of temperature and stress distributions and thermal induced effects in a heat capacity slab laser(2006年第6期)
 LD-pumped high repetition rate Q-switched Nd:YVO4 laser by using La3Ga5SiO14 single crystal electro-optic modulator(2006年第6期)
 Passively Q-switched Nd3+:YAG laser with corner cube(2006年第6期)
 Comparative studies of semiconductor saturable absorber mirror mode-locking dynamics in pulsed diode-end-pumped picosecond Nd:GdVO4 and Nd:YAG lasers(2006年第6期)
 Repetition rate continuously tunable 10-GHz picosecond mode-locked fiber ring laser(2006年第6期)
 Actively mode-locked fiber ring laser based on photonic crystal fiber(2006年第6期)
 Energy storage and heat deposition in Cr,Yb,Er co-doped phosphate glass(2006年第6期)
 Steady state and time-resolved autofluorescence studies of human colonic tissues(2006年第6期)
 A novel coupled quantum well structure and its excellent electro-optical properties(2006年第6期)
 Enhancement of light extraction efficiency in OLED with two-dimensional photonic crystal slabs(2006年第6期)


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 Loss analysis of a photonic crystal fiber with a raised-core
 Numerical analysis of Raman amplification and optical signal
 Widely and continuously tunable optical parametric generator
 Designing of an all-optical time division multiplexing schem
 Tunable CW Tm,Ho:YLF laser in 2 micron region
 All parameters noise measurement method of repetition-rate l
 A novel NOLM Structure with nonreciprocal phase shift bias f
 Optical spectra and local structure of Eu3+ ion doped in Nb2
 Frequency stabilization of a laser diode-array-pumped single
 Resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization spectrum of NO in
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