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   Home  List of Issues    Issue 01 , Vol. 01 , 2003    Article Abstract

Spectra and lasing properties of Er3+, Yb3+:phosphate glasses
Zhuping Liu, Changhong Qi, Shixun Dai, Yasi Jiang, and Lili Hu
Chinese Optics Letters , Vol.01 , Issue 01 , PP.37-37(2003)

Keywords(OCIS Code)
160.5690 (rare earth doped materials), 300.6170 (spectra), 140.3500 (lasers, erbium).

The effects of Al2O3, Yb2O3, Er2O3 and OH- on spectral properties of P2O5.Na2O.SrO.Al2O3.Yb2O3.Er2O3 erbium phosphate glass were studied. 5, 8, and 13 mol% Al2O3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 mol% Yb2O3 and 0.05, 0.2, and 0:4 mol% Er2O3 were used. It was found that Al2O3 can improve fluorescent lifetime of Er3+ ions, but the integrated absorption cross section of Er3+ ions decreases with the increase of Al2O3 concentration. Evaluating from energy transfer efficiency of Yb3+ to Er3+ and spectral parameters of Yb3+ and Er3+, we conclude that 6 mol% Yb2O3 and 0:4 mol% Er2O3 are needed for LD pumped microchip laser applications. OH- groups in glass affect greatly fluorescent intensity and lifetime of Er3+, Yb3+:phosphate glass. The OH- absorption coefficient at 3000 cm^(-1) should be less than 1 cm^(-1) for laser applications. Pumped with a 2-W, 974-nm InGaAs laser diode, CW laser centered at 1530 nm with slope efficiency of 10:6 % and maximum output of 43 mW was achieved in our 2-mm-thick Er3+, Yb3+:phosphate glass at room temperature.

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Original Manauscript:
Manuscript Accepted:2002-7-12
Revised Manuscript:
Published :

Note: Z. Liu's e-mail address is liuzp121@citiz.net.


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