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   Home  List of Issues    Issue 01 , Vol. 01 , 2003    Article Abstract

Growth of strain-compensated InGaAs/GaAsP multiple quantum wells by MOVPE
Yongqin Yu1, Xiaoyang Zhang1;2, Baibiao Huang1;2, Jiyong Wei1, Hailong Zhou1, Jiaoqing Pan1, Xiaoyan Qin1;2, and Zhongxiang Ren2
Chinese Optics Letters , Vol.01 , Issue 01 , PP.21-21(2003)

Keywords(OCIS Code)
160.6000 (semiconductors, including MQW), 160.4760 (optical properties).

InGaAs/GaAsP strain-compensated multiple quantum wells (SCMQWs) and strained InGaAs/GaAs multiple quantum wells (MQWs) were grown on GaAs substrates by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE). The results of double crystal X-ray diffraction (DCXRD) revealed that strain relief had been partly accommodated by the misfit dislocation formation in the strained MQW material. It led to that the full width half maximums (FWHMs) of superlattice satellite peaks are broader than those of SCMQWstructures, and there was no detectable room temperature photoluminecence (RT-PL) for the strained MQW structures. With the increasing of the P/As ratio, the separation angle between the substrate peak and the zeroth order peak of SCMQW decreased. The FWHMs of both the zeroth order satellite and RT-PL of SCMQW structures also decreased, whereas the intensity of RT-PL increased. This indicated that the quality of epitaxial layers was improved with the increasing of the strain compensation.

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Original Manauscript:
Manuscript Accepted:2002-7-17
Revised Manuscript:
Published :

Column:integrated optics
Note: Y. Yu's e-mail address is yyq@icm.sdu.edu.cn. B. Huang's e-mail address is bbhuang@icm.sdu.edu.cn.


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