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   Home  List of Issues    Issue 01 , Vol. 01 , 2003    Article Abstract

Narrow-beam divergence 1.55 μm laser diodes with integrated self-aligned spotsize converter
Weibin Qiu, Wei Wang, Fan Zhou, and Lufeng Wang
Chinese Optics Letters , Vol.01 , Issue 01 , PP.18-18(2003)

Keywords(OCIS Code)
130.0130 (integrated optics), 130.2790 (guided waves), 250.0250 (optoelectronics).

This paper describes the high performance of narrow-beam divergence spot size converter (SSC) integrated separately confined heterostructure (SCH) LD. The upper optical confinement layer (OCL) and the butt-coupled tapered thickness waveguide were regrown simultaneously, which not only offered the separated optimization of the active region and the integrated spotsize converter, but also reduced the difficulty of the butt-joint selective regrowth. The threshold current was as low as 5.4 mA, the output power at 55 mA was 10.1 mW, the vertical and horizontal far field divergence angles were as low as 9oand 15o, and the 1-dB misalignment tolerances were 3.6 and 3.4 μm, respectively.

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Original Manauscript:
Manuscript Accepted:2002-6-7
Revised Manuscript:
Published :

Column:integrated optics
Note: W. Qiu's e-mail address is wbqiu@red.semi.ac.cn.


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